Signs of the Times

If you’ve walked, or driven, through downtown Provo lately you may have noticed a few subtle changes. The most apparent is probably the addition of parking signs, which I’m fairly certain are new.

100 East Center Street

Roughly 250 East Center Street

100 East Center Street, looking west.

Though I’m not entirely sure where that last arrow is pointing, these signs should help drivers navigate downtown. (I recently suggested Provo add this type of sign in downtown in this post. Little did I know that that process was already underway.)

One bizarre little thing here is that the fonts and colors differ from sign to sign. Look at the letter R in all three signs; in the first two it’s the same but in the last one it’s different. All the other letters also show minor differences between the two styles.

All the signs should function adequately, so this isn’t really a criticism so much as a curiosity. Of course, the two signs with the same font include arrows pointing in the same direction, but I don’t know why the font would change just because the arrow points away from the large P. How and why did that happen?

In other downtown news, the upcoming mixed-use Harman House is nearly complete. Sometimes, I lament the times I live in and the aesthetic disasters we continually construct. Then I see a project like the Harman House and take heart.

The Harman House reportedly will have studio apartments upstairs and office space below.

Note in the picture above the sign in the bottom left. That’s fairly recent. The building also now has a fantastic new window:

A new stained glass window in the Harman House. Apologies for the glare.

That window is one of the coolest little additions to downtown that I’ve seen lately. The picture below was taken earlier this year and shows what the window replaced.

The stained glass window replaced an ordinary, semi clear-glass window in the center of the building. Also note the glimpse of the sign in the bottom left. It used to include information about a bank.

And finally, the picture below shows that the Harman House will include a contemporary addition on the back. To the credit of the building owners, they went through the effort to match most of the brick. That may seem like an obvious move, but Provo is filled with buildings displaying a hodgepodge of brick styles from decades of slapdash add-ons.

I have no idea what is going on with the red brick in the middle section, but the portion of this building surrounded by scaffolding is a new addition while the sliver of building visible on the left is historic. Up close, the brick doesn’t look identical but it’s a pretty good match. And despite the way this picture looks, he red brick middle section isn’t easily visible from most angles.

The Harman House add-on in mid March. This project is nearly complete. The red brick divides the old and new sections.



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