Bike Week 2012 Begins Today

Bike Week 2012 begins now. That means there are activities, a free tune-up clinic, and a lot of other things going on all week. Read more about it on or visit the Facebook event here.

Provo’s flat roads and the current good weather mean there has literally never been a better time or place to ride a bike. Indeed, compared to some famously bikeable cities (Minneapolis?!), Provo seems perfectly designed for two-wheeled transportation.

Bike Week is also good for the community.

For one, it’s a good way to meet people. More broadly, it’s also a way to get exercise and helps bolster Provo’s reputation as a great place to ride a bike. In that way, biking and Bike Week have a kind of mystique-effect on the city. And of course, biking has also been connected with economic vibrancy, better metropolitan health, lower traffic, government savings, and more.



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4 responses to “Bike Week 2012 Begins Today

  1. Thanks for supporting bikes! :o)

  2. (that’s supposed to be a happy face)

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