Why You Should Check Out Downtown Provo Inc.

In discussing Provo, this blog often mentions features like the city’s environmental stewardship and the local music scene. I’ve chosen to highlight these things because they’re growing but sometimes under-appreciated. However, I’ve also chosen them because they’ll bring a very specific kind of recognition to Provo. They’re of the moment, they’re cool, and I think they’ll help shape the image of the city into something that appeals to young educated professionals looking for a hip place to live. And more than any other demographic, that’s the one Provo will need to sustain and increase growth. (Richard Florida has written extensively about this idea.)

In the spirit of shaping the image of the city and sharing information, Downtown Provo Inc. is currently trying to spread the word about its own existence. Specifically, the organization is currently trying to make it into Utah Business Magazine via a Facebook contest. You can vote by visiting the page for Downtown Provo Inc. (If you do vote, you’ll also be entered to win a Pass of All Passes to Seven Peaks.)

Why does any of this matter?

Because, I think, much in the same way that music venues and bike advocates create particular kinds of reputations, Downtown Provo Inc. is charged (at least implicitly) with ameliorating the image of the city. In other words, an organization like Downtown Provo Inc. can help the city convey the fact that it’s a good place to do business. And like having young creative workers, having strong job growth is an obvious part of a vibrant city.

Getting into business publications, as Downtown Provo Inc. is currently trying to do, will help with the project.


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