Sign Language

Saturday was both the opening of the Utah Valley Convention Center as well as the ground breaking for the upcoming LDS temple in downtown Provo. That meant a lot more people than usual in the city center. And of course, that means more people needing to park. To help all those people get around, convention center personnel (or at least people wearing convention center shirts) put up parking signs:

A sign near Braza Express directing drivers to a parking lot.

When I saw that sign I laughed out loud. Not only is it too small, inconspicuous and hard to read for speeding drivers, but it’s also completely blocked from view by a mini van. For as long as that van remained, not a single driver was able to see this sign.

That’s not to say no one used this parking lot, but they if they did they learned about it somewhere else.

This goes back to a point I’ve occasionally made on this blog: good intentions aren’t enough. We need good intentions as well as smart(er) implementation of our ideas. In this case, it’s a small temporary thing, but could result in someone driving away from downtown with an incomplete sense of the area’s parking situation. That means they might avoid downtown in the future, or support additional unnecessary lots. Either of those outcomes would be unfortunately and completely unnecessary.


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