The People Are Coming!

Did you know that population along the Wasatch Front is expected to growth by 65 percent over the next 30 years? According to Wasatch Choice for 2040, that’s only one of the expected changes coming to Utah in the next generation.

According to mayor John Curtis, Wasatch Choice for 2040 is a “a regional planning project getting ready for major growth in the area over the next 30 years.” The organization itself offers this additional explanation.

Basically, the organization appears to focus on transportation and building up cities around hubs — so places like train stations — among other things. The pictures below — taken from this survey — seem to indicate that the organization is interested in increasing density in places like downtown.

I believe this is supposed to be University Ave, looking south from 200 South.

Another hypothetical streetscape from Wasatch Choice for 2040 in a future version of Provo.

To provide more information, there will be an open house at the City Center (351 E. Center) on Tuesday at 5 p.m.

I’d recommend poking around the website and the survey above. I found the most of the information rather unclear and couched in wonkish jargon. For example: “As the Regional Council developed these transportation plans, it became apparent that certain development patterns were more transportation-efficient than others.” That’s a terribly composed sentence if ever there was one. The survey-presentation also was somewhat unclear, presenting graph after graph of four ambiguous “scenarios” that may or may not have come from an earlier survey.

Consequently, I won’t vouch for the this organization and its aims. But based on what I could discover — on very limited time in the wee hours of Friday morning — this seems like a positive thing. The vision it presents, at least, is something I hope to see in Provo during my lifetime.


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