New Bakery, Cafe and Possible Guru’s Expansion

Yesterday while walking around downtown (with the 50¢ soft serve I bought at Smith’s), I walked passed the former site of Einstein’s Bagels and noticed the window painting in the picture below:

The words read “Enlighten Bakery and Cafe Coming Soon”. I didn’t have my camera with me, so I had to settle for this terrible-quality cellphone picture.

About a month ago, I implicitly lamented the departure of Einstein’s because it left a hole in downtown. Explicitly, I was baffled that it moved from downtown to a terrible location on Bulldog Blvd.

But it now appears that a new, non-chain bakery is filling the spot, so the changes may have been a good thing after all. For all I know, the bakery could even have pushed Einstein’s out. But either way, a local bakery replacing a chain bagel shop is a win-win in my book.

Significantly, that’s also the Guru’s logo painted on the window.  So it appears that the new bakery will have some sort of connection with the restaurant next door.

Though I don’t know anything about this new business, I’m excited because it will be the third bakery in downtown, after the stalwart Provo Bakery and the newly-opened Nellie’s Bakery (try the peasant bread.)

The former site of Einstein’s Bagels will become Enliten Bakery.


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One response to “New Bakery, Cafe and Possible Guru’s Expansion

  1. Dane

    I was in Guru’s the other day and they had a 2nd menu, called “enliten”. I think it has a connection to Guru’s. The food listed had nutrition info, all of which indicated the food would be healthy options with low calories. By my quick glance, though, the menu looked really good!

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