The Importance of Street Art

I’ve written repeatedly about street art on this blog, singling out Provo artist Leuven for his work in downtown Provo. Street art is obviously controversial because it takes place clandestinely, on someone else’s property. And there are certainly examples — such as this one — of what can only be considered vandalism.

But street art can also be an asset, as it was in my neighborhood on an otherwise ugly and abandoned building. A recent post from Bored Panda recently made a similar argument:

Every wall, fence or column could be turned into an art piece. It brings smiles and raises eyebrows. It is closer to people than the best painting or installation shown in a art gallery.

However, at the same time, bad street art can ruin a very nice downtown building making all neighborhoods seem run-down and uninviting. That’s why there will always be a debate whether it’s art or vandalism.

That post has some astonishing and beautiful examples that compellingly make the case for graffiti as legitimate art. I highly recommend taking a look.

In the end, the debate over street art and its legitimacy may never end. But in the mean time, I’m glad that Leuven’s latest piece is still up near my house, making my neighborhood just a little bit cooler.

Appropriately, given Facebook’s recent IPO, this piece is still up, nearly a month after it appeared.



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