The World’s Most Bikeable Airport

Mayor John Curtis wrote today about biking to the airport. It’s a great post that shows how Provo’s airport is exceptional in its proximity to the city center. Mayor Curtis writes,

If airports were ranked for bike-friendliness, ours would be near the top. Why? For one thing, our airport is so close, you can bike there. On Monday a group of us took a trip to Boulder to check out their biking and trail system. It only seemed appropriate that we ride our bikes to the airport.

Late last summer, I had a similar experience. And based on the pictures on the mayor’s blog, it appears that biking to the airport has only become easier. Though Mayor Curtis didn’t necessarily say Provo’s airport was the most bikeable airport in the whole world, it should at least be in the running.

That fact will likely have a major impact on the city’s future. As the Atlantic Cities has revealed, having airports near city centers is a major economic advantage and plays a significant role in generating growth.

The video below is from the mayor’s blog.



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2 responses to “The World’s Most Bikeable Airport

  1. Dane

    I am a living testament to how bikeable the airport is!! 🙂

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