Leuven’s Latest: Provo Bike Art

If you’ve been downtown in the last few days you’ve probably seen the latest from street artist Leuven:

Corner of Center Street and Freedom Blvd.

Corner of Center Street and University Ave.

Corner of Center Street and 100 West.

Close up.

As is apparent, Leuven pulled off an art blitz sometime in the last few days. And I’m not going to lie, I love this design. It’s striking, witty, and generally more interesting than any other Provo-oriented graphic design or branding materials I’ve seen. Someone should hire this guy. Relatedly, Laura’s reaction to seeing this work was to mention how much she wished she could get a shirt with this image on it.

Anyway, I also happened to google Leuven and discovered that there is now a Facebook page for his work. You can read past posts about Leuven’s other work here.



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7 responses to “Leuven’s Latest: Provo Bike Art

  1. I love this! Makes me miss Provo summers with my bicycle.

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  4. I would love a t-shirt too. any chance he’s selling any?

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