Rooftop Concert This Friday

A new month is upon us and it’s time again for the Rooftop Concert Series. This Friday, The Moth and the Flame and Desert Noises will both play atop the parking garage of Provo Town Square. As always, it’s free and starts around 8 pm. Today, the Rooftop people also released this fantastic guide to the show.

This month’s show also is exciting because Communal will be out selling food. According to the restaurant’s Facebook page, they’ll be offering “some special items for sale throughout the entire show.” Last month, I ate the street tacos from Mountain West Burrito — which is owned by the Communal people — and they were fantastic, so I can’t wait to see what they have in store this time around.

Black Sheep Cafe also wrote on their Facebook page that they’ll be selling food, and the show guide mentions that the south alley will become a “food market.” That sounds like a great development.



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