Dance + Walk = Provo Awesomeness

This Friday, before the Rooftop Concert and the gallery stroll, a strange and marvelous thing will happen in Provo for the first time ever: a dance walk.

The dance walk is the brain child of Kaneischa Johnson, one of the people behind Velour, the recent Miss Representation screening, and many other good things. Basically, the idea is that a group of people will both dance and walk at the same time through Provo. The idea was inspired by this video:

It goes without saying that this will be fun, unusual, and a way to get to know other people in the community.* I’d also add that this is a great way to see Provo from a different angle; traveling through the city in different ways will emphasize different parts of buildings, streets, and people. Most people have probably never dance walked anywhere before, so everyone is bound to see Provo in a different light.

* Though I initially thought this event might help me overcome my lifelong fear of dancing in public, I sadly will be working when it happens. So please go and let me know how it is.


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