Farmer’s Market Begins Saturday

On your way out to the Utah Lake Festival this Saturday, try stopping by Pioneer Park (500 West and Center Street) for the opening Saturday of the Provo Farmer’s Market. The farmer’s market has steadily grown over the last few years to the point where I now spend most of the winter hotly anticipating it.

I haven’t seen a list of vendors, but here are a few of my favorites from past years:

Volker’s Bakery — amazing artisan bread and apple strudels.

Neighborhood Beekeeping — honey and chapstick. This is locally harvested honey and skincare products made from it. Think Burt’s Beeswax, only hyperlocal.

The guy who sells plants. Last year, I bought a lettuce plant from this guy and had fresh lettuce all year long. There are usually a few people selling plants, but last year there was a guy with a kind of big wooden rack and a large selection.

I’ve also heard that artist Greg Caldwell will be selling handmade mugs. And of course, the food vendors have a variety of delicious offerings.

All in all, the farmer’s market has been wonderful in the past and hopefully will be again this year.


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