Fast Times at Provo City

Every great city needs a time lapse video. (This one from Rio de Janeiro is one of my favorites.) And now Provo has one as well:

That video was created by Tosh Metzger, the man behind the Provo[King] photos and Provo Floral. It has a lot of great shots of the city, with one of my favorites coming around two and a half minutes in.

Having worked previously in film, as well as having talked to Tosh recently, I know that producing time lapse videos is an incredibly time-intensive process. So it’s significant simply that this video exists. It’s also significant that Provo is the kind of place that would inspire this video, and that there are so many great locations in Provo to show. Enjoy.



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3 responses to “Fast Times at Provo City

  1. Maria

    Tosh did a great job–no surprise there!! It would be neat if he also added some winter scenes….skiing at Sundance, sledding at Bicentennial park, rolling balls to make into a snowman, etc.

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