Provo River Trail the 4th Best Bike Path in the West

Sunset Magazine recently dubbed the Provo River Trail the fourth best bike path in the entire West.

Provo’s trail was only beaten by paths in Redmond Washington, Portland Oregon, and Concord California. Significantly, Provo also beat San Diego, Denver, Boulder, Los Angeles, and a bunch of other cities. That’s remarkable and shows how the Provo River Trail is both a major amenity for residents, as well as a potential financial asset and tourist draw. It also helps explain why sections of the trail should not be shut down for bikes.

This is the second appearance Provo has made recently in Sunset, and in both cases magazine editors have picked up on some of the city’s best and most important elements. It really shows how comparatively little things can generate important buzz for a city. It’s also a steady stream of this kind of press that forges a city’s reputation as a great place to live.

And finally, my friend Dane deserves credit for bringing this article to my attention and for generally being a champion for biking.



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