Best May Posts

May is a week in the past now, but I still wanted to mention the posts from that month that I see as the most significant — or that were just my favorites. Here they are:

A Dream of Tomorrow’s Provo: This is a series of visionary images of downtown Provo that were designed by Rick Kinteder. The pictures are a dream of what downtown could be in the future, and that dream is wonderful.

Provo’s Restaurant Renaissance: If you live in one of Provo’s historic downtown neighborhoods you can walk to dozens of restaurants. More remarkable still, those restaurants are all locally owned and often quite innovative. There aren’t many other cities with the same breadth and variety concentrated into such a small, walkable area.

It’s Stewardship, Not Environmentalism: The old conversations about the environment from generations past are outdated and needlessly divisive. This post argues that the word “stewardship” is a more accurate description of what all us, no matter where on the political spectrum we fall, should be interested in.

The Popsicle Test: Here’s how you know if you’re neighborhood is safe and walkable: can an 8-year-old walk to get a popsicle and get home before it melts?

The Siren Song of the Pedestrian Mall: Some people would like to close streets in Provo to car traffic. As appealing as that idea sounds, there’s already a lot of wasted, non-street space in Provo that could be used for pedestrians. This post ultimately hypothesizes that a pedestrian mall could be created in the middle of existing downtown blocks.

Pedaling Over Obstacles and Toward Prosperity: May saw a lot of different bike news, but this post in particular argues that more biking in a city means greater prosperity.


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