Commuter Rail Arrives Today

Commuter rail doesn’t officially arrive until December, but Frontrunner’s first trains are actually rolling into Utah County today. According to my colleague Billy Hesterman, officials will be testing the track for the next few months:

The arrival of the first train marks the beginning of track testing throughout Utah County for the next six months. Initial tests will be sporadic and limited to specific geographical areas. Leading up to the opening of the line, UTA will expand to regular operation testing where trains will run at regular speeds, up to 79 mph, between stations.

KSL also reported on this story and noted where the train will be stopping:

The new FrontRunner extension will run 45 miles from downtown Provo to Salt Lake City where it will connect to the existing FrontRunner line at Salt Lake Central Station. It will feature the following stops:

  • Murray
  • South Jordan
  • Lehi
  • American Fork
  • Orem
  • Provo

A future station is planned for Vineyard.


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