The Audio-File Effect

BYUtv’s new music show Audio-Files was the subject of a feature in City Weekly recently. Written by Mason Porter, the article explores the music show’s background and aims. The article is well worth a read and Audio-Files itself is a must watch, both because it’s a great show and because it’s something of a sea change for the otherwise painfully stodgy network.

But one of the things that stood out the most in the article was Corey Fox’s comments about the show:

Corey Fox, owner of Velour Live Music Gallery and art director for Audio-Files, says the show has the potential to further establish Provo’s reputation as a music and arts center.

“I think the show being produced here brings more credibility to the local art culture,” Fox says. “Hopefully, that brings more talented touring artists to Provo.”

Audio-Files does many things well, but I think Corey is exactly right when he points out that it continues the process of putting Provo on the map. And Corey should know; with Velour and his other projects he’s done as much or more than anyone else to make Provo the kind of place young people would want to live.

That’s important, of course, because young people go on to become creative class workers, start families, found businesses, etc. The point, then, is that Audio-Files helps raise Provo’s profile, which in turn helps attract talented people to the city. Like the music scene itself, it should consequently matter to everyone in the city, not just music lovers.

In any case, Audio-Files is a fantastic show and one of the best creative projects coming out Provo right now. Watch it here.


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