New Trail Coming

Utah County’s bike and pedestrian trail system is expanding. According to KSL, crews are currently working on the Murdock Canal Trail. The trail will be a lot like the Provo River Trail — paved, open to bikes and pedestrians, etc. — but will initially connect Orem to Pleasant Grove. Eventually it will also connect to the Provo River Trail and the Jordan River Parkway. According to the trail’s website, it should be done later this year or early next year.

Recent posts — here and here — on this blog have argued that outdoor recreation has a major economic benefit on communities like Provo. I’ve also written that the Provo River Trail is an important part of the city’s appeal. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen that appeal’s effect on friends and family who have visited and been dazzled by the trail.

This new project continues the process of building up the region’s reputation as an outdoors mecca. It shows that people in the area are willing to invest in important amenities and value the pleasure of experiencing the natural environment.


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