Honest Buildings

Today, we can rate almost anything — from movies to restaurants to dry cleaners — online. And now, there’s a new website that will allow us to rate buildings. Honest Buildings aims to have a profile for every building in the world and is all about connections:

This platform is the first place that connects occupants, service providers and owners to each other and the buildings where they live, work and spend their time. Type in an address, and the free service instantly finds information about any commercial or residential building in the U.S., including pictures, reviews, Honesty Ratings(TM), open and completed projects, and the people associated with that building, including service providers, managers and owners.

GOOD recently reported on the website and painted it as a kind of Yelp for buildings.

The site is in beta right now, and you have to register to write reviews or see the most detailed information. There’s also not many buildings listed in Provo, or Utah County (though hopefully that will change as more of us start adding buildings.)

But the website is promising, I think, because it provides a way to learn about innovative development. It also connects people with their surroundings and even gives everyday city users a way to provide feedback about their environment.


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