Leuven Fights Back

Not long after Provo street artist Leuven put up the 3D piece in this post, someone came by and tore it down. The scraps of the poster hung on the wall for well over a month, but a few days ago Leuven returned to the same spot and replaced the damaged image:

Leuven originally placed this piece near the corner of 500 North and 400 East in April. More than a month after someone tore it town, the image was replaced.

This time, however, Leuven one-upped him/herself by placing a new image directly across from the original:

A new piece by Leuven in the same parking garage as a formerly damaged piece.

Both pieces, interacting.

The fact that a part of this piece was originally torn down indicates that someone obviously didn’t like it, and as I wrote here, street art will probably always raise questions about legitimacy and damage to private property.

But I think these pictures show that Leuven’s work, like a lot of street art, is actually enlivening an otherwise drab location. This parking garage is suddenly more interesting and intellectually stimulating. Whereas before there was simply something functional, now there is something to actually see. Even people who hate these pieces are going to end up thinking a little more critically than they would have after passing an otherwise nondescript retaining wall.

In the end, is this legal? No, but is it worth having anyway? I think so.



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