Reasons to Appreciate Nu Skin

Attitudes in Provo toward Nu Skin vary from hostility to love and I’m not sure either side realizes just how strongly the other feels.

Lack of interaction has left me with nothing to say, good or bad, about Nu Skin’s products or business practices, but a recent event in downtown Provo emphasized the massive positive impact the company has on the local economy:

Attendees to a Nu Skin leadership conference in downtown Provo.

Note that many of the people in this picture have shopping bags. It’s a shame downtown Provo didn’t have more shopping opportunities for these people.

This event sent people spilling over into many downtown restaurants.

It’s easy to see Nu Skin’s impact on Provo when looking at the changing skyline. That’s a change some people like and others don’t.

But it’s important to remember that events like these — which are easy to overlook and harder to quantify — offer an infusion of outsider money into the local economy. While walking around this event, for example, I saw people with Nu Skin name tags in most of the restaurants between University Ave and Center Street. Others carried shopping bags. That helps those restaurants and shops thrive, which in turn benefits locals who end up with more options even when the influx of visitors subsides.

In other words, Nu Skin helps make tourism a force in Provo’s economy and for that reason, I have tremendous appreciation for the company.



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3 responses to “Reasons to Appreciate Nu Skin

  1. Paul

    Thanks for reminding us of some of the ways NuSkin is a great corporate partner to our downtown and to our community in general. Provo would be a very different place without NuSkin’s commitment to Provo. And NuSkin’s decisions to locate here and to continue to grow here have very little to do with maximizing its bottom line. We can be very grateful for that.

  2. I agree with Paul 100%! Thank you NuSkin!

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