Provo T Shirts

I really wish Leuven would turn his bike image into a t-shirt. Barring that, however, Provo might want to look at this idea for t-shirt branding from Boston.

The concept takes an aerial view of the city and puts it on the front of a shirt. As the Planetizen pages notes,

Boston’s city plan dates all the way back to 1630, but you sure won’t look dated in this ultrasoft CityFabric© tee.

This shirt capitalizes on the fact that the images of something can be a source and expression of pride. What American, for example, doesn’t know the shape of the U.S.?

But the idea would work well in Provo for the same reason it works in Boston: the physical layout of the city is actually a part of its heritage. Though Provo is a comparatively young city, its grid system is both a practical and ideological reflection of early pioneers who created it. Where as some cities were organized by developers or city planners, Provo was chosen and carved out by people who fled persecution and set out to found a civilization.

That means the shape of the city ought to be a source of pride. And there’s no better place to exhibit that pride than on a shirt.


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