Bike Sharing Saves Lives

Bike sharing programs are all the rage right now, attracting attention for the many benefits they’re produce in cities across the world. As this post from GOOD mentions, they reduce pollution, provide people with exercise and even save lives.

That post highlights a bike sharing program in Barcelona that researchers say produced a net drop in deaths:

Crunching data provided by the city of Barcelona and Bicing’s management company, the researchers determined that despite increased risk of injuries and exposure to air pollution from biking (yes, even cycling has some negative health effects), the increased physical activity still decreased the death rate.

It’d be great to see Provo get onboard with bike sharing. But even if that doesn’t happen, this study suggests that biking itself has benefits. That’s also in keeping with this post, which argues that biking has economic benefits for the entire community. Fewer deaths would certainly fit into that trend.



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