Otters in the Provo River

Did you know that otters are native to the Provo River? I didn’t until I watched the video below on BYU’s efforts to bring the otter back.

This project is great for a lot of reasons, the biggest probably being that there is inherent value in wise environmental stewardship.

But the project is also fascinating because it highlights the value Provo gets out of having both a major university as well as a rugged natural landscape. Whereas many cities have colleges or environmental assets, this video shows how in Provo those two elements are now working together. The fact that a restored river system and more wildlife will also make the area more popular for recreation also shows how both the school and the river benefit the economy.


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One response to “Otters in the Provo River

  1. Maria Winden

    I grew up with otters in Florida and could absolutely watch them frolick for hours on end. They are so uninhibited once they know you mean them no harm–but woe to anyone who thinks they’re cute enough to pick up and cuddle………they have a mouth full of razer sharp teeth!

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