Speaking of Great, Local Businesses…

Yesterday, the news that Provo is the best place in America for business and careers made headlines. Then, earlier today I wrote about the benefits of buying local.

Relatedly, Utah Valley Business Q recently released its rankings for the “Top 10 Startups to Watch,” and several Provo companies not only made the cut but are the most exciting entries on the list.

Perhaps most prominently, Communal came in at number nine, which makes sense as the restaurant has only continued to grow and garner attention, including from the New York Times. The magazine mentions that Communal’s owners hope to expand in the future and want to offer health benefits to employees. They’re also deeply interested in making the community better:

For me, I work every day to make a difference — to make eating in Utah better. That is something I can feel good about when my head hits the pillow at night.

Other Provo companies that show up on the list include the tech support business PcCareSupport and EcoScraps, which converts excess food into compost. Taken together, these enterprises show why Provo not only has a great business community, but also is a tech hub with a strong restaurant scene.

Utah Valley Business Q ranked Communal as one of the top startups to watch in 2012.


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