Enliten Bakery Now Open

Saturday marked the first day of business for Enliten Bakery and Cafe, located around 50 E Center next door to Guru’s. The event marked a momentous occasion: people in Provo’s downtown neighborhoods now live within walking distance of three bakeries (Provo Bakery and Nellie’s being the other two).

Anyway, Laura and I checked it out and apparently they’re hoping to do local and organic food. They also plan to have calorie counts for their food in the future, though I’m glad that for now those aren’t available because the lemon and walnut tarts I tried certainly didn’t seem “lite” in any way. They were, however, delicious.

In addition to tarts, they had bagels, bread and other food and plan to do sandwiches. They also said they make everything from scratch.

A few other things: Enliten is owned and operated by the people who run Guru’s. Also, they plan to stay open until 10 pm.

Eliten is located next door to Guru’s and serves baked goods.

Saturday was a soft opening, so they weren’t fully stocked up.

Interior of Enliten Bakery and Cafe.

A lemon tart (foreground) and a walnut tart. Together, these cost a bit more than $5.


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