The Freedom Festival

The best part of the freedom festival, in my opinion, is the night before the parade. But the actual festival downtown is also worth checking out.  Monday, for example, I had delicious wood-fired pizza from one of the food venders. Later, I also bought delicious horchata.

I think one of the great things about the festival is that it provides a chance to see downtown Provo when it’s actually busy. As I’ve noted several times on this blog, downtown isn’t always as bustling as it should or could be. That hopefully is beginning to change, but either way the Freedom Festival shows off a beautiful setting doing exactly what it was designed to do: fill up with people.

My favorite part of the festival are the food vendors, though if you need purses or cheap sunglasses, there are plenty of options for you.

Downtown is generally at its most vibrant during the Freedom Festival.

This booth sells delicious, wood-fired pizza.

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