More Street Art By Leuven and Others

This post is a little late insomuch as the Leuven street art below has been up for a while. However, I only recently visited the Provo River Trail with a camera, so this is the first time I’ve been able to capture it:

Leuven bike art on the Provo River Trail.

Looking at this piece, I’m again struck by how street art can improve an otherwise dull wall, much as I argued in this post.

My desire to see this image codified ā€” into signs or shirts or stickers or whatever ā€” is also renewed when I see this picture. I have no idea if city officials or Leuven him/herself would be interested in that sort of relationship, though Shepard Fairey‘s career arc indicates that street artists can successfully partner with mainstream civic leadership.

In any case, this is a great image that would be a shame to lose.

In other street art news, I also recently noticed the image below near the convention center.

A wheatpaste poster of the Doors’ LA Woman album cover.

I happen to like The Doors, so I like this piece, but it certainly lacks the wry conceptual juxtapositioning that characterizes Leuven’s work. But in any case, there it is.



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2 responses to “More Street Art By Leuven and Others

  1. Maria

    I like his art as well and agree that it can bring visual interest to an otherwise boring location. However, I was driving home yesterday and saw something that I disliked immensely. On the base of the sculpture (located on the west side Univ. Ave near the former Los Hermanos restaurant) someone had pasted a Leuven-ish (I’m not saying it is his or was put there by him) picture on the pedestal supporting the sculpture. I heartily disagree with anyone altering, disfiguring, etc, someone else’s art work—even if it is just the part holding up the actual art piece. Bad form!

    • I agree about messing up other people’s art. I didn’t see that, but I wonder who it is. One thing I’ve like about Leuven is he seems to usually only put his stuff on neglected places. I hope that hasn’t changed.

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