Friday Night in Downtown

On the heels of an exciting week in downtown Provo comes a new slurry of activity tonight. First, the art chase begins at 6:00 pm and goes to 9ish. Also starting at 6 pm is the second ever Dance Walk, hosted by Kaneisha Johnson.

Then, at 7 pm, Muse Music will host open mic night. It’s a dollar to play or perform and the cafe will feature the art of Natty Coleman.

And then, of course, the Rooftop Concert Series begins at 7:45 pm with an appearance from the House of Lewis, followed by interpretations of Tom Petty songs from leading Provo musicians. Some of Provo’s best restaurants will also be selling food.

If you would like to read the best and most comprehnsive guide to the entire evening, I suggest C. Jane’s on the Rootop Concert page.

Friday’s Rooftop Concert will feature renditions of Tom Petty songs.


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