John Curtis on Fox Business

You may have seen it yesterday afternoon, but if not Mayor Curtis was on Fox Businesses Network Thursday talking about why Forbes recently rated Provo the best place in the U.S. for business. You can read his post about the experience here, or watch the clips here and here.

As I’ve mentioned before, John Curtis is widely and rightly beloved in Provo. During the two clips on Fox, he showed why: rather than directly respond to specific questions about regulations and economic incentives ā€” the answers to which probably wouldn’t have gone over well on a very short TV segment ā€” he instead went for the gut and talked about quality of life. He mentioned the outdoors, friendliness, and a skilled work force.

These are understandable ideas that can work as sound bites, which is exactly what was needed. Viewers already knew that Provo had a good business environment because Forbes said so; what they needed was something more, like quality of life benefits, to get them even more interested and researching. I was impressed and one of the only things that could have made this interview better is if the mayor had donned a Neon Trees shirt.



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2 responses to “John Curtis on Fox Business

  1. Helen Anderson

    Ha ha. In his blog post earlier in the day he asked for recommendations on what to wear. That would’ve been perfect.

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