The Most Recent Rooftop Concert

I wasn’t working last Friday night, so I was able to attend and take a few pictures of the Rooftop Concert. It was a great show that also happens to be immensely beneficial to downtown Provo. You can read a review of the show from here. Chance Lewis also wrote about his experience as a performer here.

C. Jane, Chance Lewis and Apt perform at the Rooftop Concert on July 6, 2012.

The end of Chance Lewis’ and Apt’s set.

Food vendors

Sammy’s is always lively during the Rooftop Concerts.

The light poles kind of obstruct the view of the stage, but you get the idea. This picture was taken from across the street on top of the Marriott parking structure.

Unfortunately, my camera battery died mid show, but in any case, if you lived in Provo this is what you could have been doing Friday.


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