Concerts Lead to Revitalization

While reading about the arts and community revitalization for this post a few days ago, I happened upon this post about a concert series in Macon, Georgia.  The series is held April through October every second Sunday and is “a project focused on community revitalization.”

That sounds a lot like Provo’s own Rooftop Concert Series. However, the post notes that the series is a significant draw to the area, bringing people back who might otherwise not think of it as a cool destination.

Provo already has a thriving concert series, but I think this post on Macon demonstrates how these types of programs can put cities on visitors’ radar and keep them coming back again and again. In other words, music and festival-type events aren’t just great local amenities, they’re long-term economic anchors that turn a city into a destination.

Provo’s Rooftop Concert Series helps make Provo a destination.



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