When Will Provo Recycle Glass?

Environmental stewardship has come a long way in Utah in recent years, and now Salt Lake City even plans to offer curbside glass recycling. According to this Salt Lake Tribune article, the voluntary glass recycling program will begin in October and cost $6.

I’ve been aware for years that glass recycling in Utah is a challenge, as the article points out, but this program also shows that it’s possible. It also raises an obvious question: when will Provo get on board with glass recycling? Though there are of course challenges, leadership means rising to the occasion and finding solutions, not waiting to act until something is easy. Provo, like Utah generally, has improved in this area, but glass recycling is a clear and apparently feasible next step.



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3 responses to “When Will Provo Recycle Glass?

  1. I look forward to the day when Provo will recycle glass so I can stop feeling guilty every time I throw a glass jar or bottle away. I hope it comes sooner than later.

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  3. Mason

    Provo does have a glass recycling option. There is a drop off kiosk just inside Target. Both the Orem, and American Fork stores. You can drop off your glass, and other products for free and not need to take it up to slc.

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