Street Art Leads to City Success

Sarah Goodyear at the Atlantic Cities recently wrote about how street art is revitalizing Miami. Goodyear’s article includes photos of some stunning murals in a neighborhood that was once only characterized by illegal graffiti but is now the site of more legitimate art as well.

As an art lover myself, I’d love to check out this neighborhood for purely aesthetic reasons. But more relevantly, the new art is a major asset for the city:

The second Saturday of every month, as many as 20,000 people come to wander the streets of what was once a blank spot on the map. They check out the murals, they visit the ever-growing number of galleries, and they pack into the few restaurants and bars on the once-desolate streets. And it’s not just second Saturdays. Increasingly, this is a place where Miami’s creative minds come to hang out and work and do business.

Those are the kinds of benefits that Provo, or any city, absolutely should go after.

According to the article, the new art-oriented developments were spurred by the work and investment of one person. Later, the area also experienced rezoning but remains a site for spray paint and wheat paste art.

I’d recommend reading the entire article, but essentially it supports the assertions I made in this post about the benefits of street art. Basically, the idea is that street art attracts creative people and also can be harnessed into an economic asset.

Leuven street art in Provo. I took this picture over a month ago and this piece is still up.

More Leuven street art, this time with a bicycle theme.

A historically-themed mural on a building in downtown.


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