An Update On the Blog

If you follow this blog very closely — as in, checking it multiple times a day or spending big chunks of time reading everything I put up — you may have noticed that I’ve only published one post per day this week.

That’s because I’m currently doing some traveling — what some might call a “vacation,” though I prefer “research” — and so I’ve had to dial back the posts. The regular posting schedule will be disrupted for roughly two weeks. I have prepared some material for my absence, but unfortunately as the sole author of this blog when I travel (and lose internet access) I also can’t maintain the fairly rigorous posting schedule I’ve given myself. If you read this blog religiously, I apologize. (Also, if you read this blog that much, I love you.)

In any case, I won’t just be lazying around on the beach while I’m gone (or at least not the entire time). In fact, when the two weeks are up I’ll be back to posting regularly and frequently, and some of those posts will come from observations on my travels. I’ve even chosen some destinations for the potential urban lessons they might hold.

Until then, enjoy the posts I have prepared. Also, if you’re so inclined, you can read about my thoughts on travel; earlier this year, I advocated traveling light in the Daily Herald, and three years ago on my other blog I wrote about the difference between “travel” and “vacationing.” Two years ago I also wrote this blog while backpacking through Brazil and Europe. These posts don’t necessarily have a lot to do with urbanism, but I do think traveling is a great way to think about cities and learn new things.


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