No Postcards at the Airport

I went by the Provo airport a couple of days ago and made a startling discovery: travelers cannot buy postcards or other Provo memorabilia because, at least at that location, none exists.

Maybe I missed it somewhere, but after searching I couldn’t find a single postcard, magnet or anything else depicting Provo. Given the numerous amazing photographers in the city and the many photogenic locations — the mountains, downtown, the river, the lake, the arts venues, etc. — I really couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a single postcard. Instead, there were several for Salt Lake City, and even some from Moab.

These postcards are at the Provo airport and depict Salt Lake City, Moab, and other locations. But not Provo. I didn’t have my camera, so this cellphone picture will have to do.

This seems like an obvious and easy problem to fix. And though a small issue, it’s an important one because postcards and similar merchandise spread the word about the city and signifies an underlying sense of geographic pride.



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2 responses to “No Postcards at the Airport

  1. Tosh Metzger

    i’d LOVE to share some of my photos of provo on a postcard….any idea how to get started??

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