Workin’ On The Railroad

Later this week a group of Utah County realtors will celebrate the coming arrival of commuter rail to the county. As they point out, the new Frontrunner line — which will end in downtown Provo — should be a significant economic boon to the area:

Added access to jobs, recreation, shopping and commercial and residential development will only make Utah County’s position as the best place in the nation for careers and jobs even stronger,” Oldroyd said. “This is our way of saying it is great. This is going to increase people’s ability to work, play and shop.

A group of conservative leaders is gathering this Friday to celebrate the arrival of commuter rail in Utah County.

The celebration Friday highlights the unique, and sometimes odd, confluence of ideology, economics, and business that exists in Utah County. Taylor Oldroyd, the man quoted above, is a leader in the local Republican party. Gov. Herbert and Becky Lockhart are obviously Republican elected leaders.

As The New York Times recently pointed out, conservatives in some places are opposing rail expansion, so it’s conceivable that leaders like Oldroyd, Lockhart, or Herbert wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about this government project.

But in Utah County, conservatives are nevertheless coming together to celebrate because, clearly, they recognize commuter rail as the investment it is. In other words, effective transit refreshingly transcends party lines.


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