The World’s Salad Bowl

One thing I have learned by traveling is that people everywhere have a lot in common. And apparently, one of the things people have in common across the world is community advertising.

The picture below is a poster for a festival in Segovia, Spain. The poster was taped to the inside of a bus window, and I snapped the image quickly while waiting at the bus stop.

This poster is advertising the Festival de Segovia, which happened in July.

It’s a fun little poster, but I took the picture because the idea is remarkably similar to the new advertising campaign for the Provo Farmer’s Market.

Provo also combined music and vegetables in a recent advertising campaign.

Provo also has smaller posters with these same images, and which resemble the Segovia poster even more closely.

These two ideas aren’t identical, but they seem to be conceptual cousins. I have no idea how that happened — Provo and Segovia are separated by thousands of miles — but I nevertheless found it fascinating.


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