A Door to Nowhere

A new piece of street art has sprung up in downtown, this time near Sammy’s.

This artwork is a door, glued (or caulked) to the south side the Marriott Hotel’s parking structure on 100 West.

When you open the door, you see this:

Laura and I had a heated debate about whether or not this was a reference to a Rihanna song. I didn’t want it to be, but I think in the end Laura persuaded me that it is.

Like a lot of street art, this piece may generate discussion about the form’s legitimacy and its impact on property. But I like it.

This wall is so plain it otherwise blends into the surrounding environment to the point of near-invisibilty. With this new piece, however, I’m surprised, intrigued and curious. I have something to look at and think about. I’m forced to wonder why this door exists, who put it up, and what they meant.

In other words, this is clearly rising above more pedestrian examples of vandalism and giving the viewer a unique experience. And for that, I’m grateful.


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