Historic Preservation in the Middle of a Bus Station

If you’ve been in Provo lately, you’ve probably noticed that construction on the LDS Church’s Tabernacle Temple is visibly moving forward. Hopefully the developers are also taking extra care to preserve the ruins of the original Provo Tabernacle, which I suggested should be preserved in this post. (And which the church indicated it planned to preserve.)

In any case, I recently saw an excellent example of this kind of historic preservation in Cordoba, Spain. In the picture below, a small ruined foundation has been turned into a kind of art installation. The site is located in the middle of the city’s bus station and shows a rather remarkable committment on the part of the city to preserve it’s architectural heritage.

Ruins preserved in a bus station in Cordoba, Spain.

I don’t know a lot about these ruins, but they nevertheless demonstrate how new development can co-exist and even benefit from attention to the past. And if a bus station in Cordoba can pull something like this off, there’s no reason something similar couldn’t become the norm in Utah and for the LDS Church.


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