Guerrilla Urbanism in a Gravel Yard

It can be frustrating to have great ideas for a city and then to watch nothing happen while problems proliferate. Some people, however, refuse to sit idly by. They are the guerrilla urbanists.

The idea behind guerrilla urbanism is similar to that of street art; it’s all about citizens making a space more beautiful, more functional, safer, or just otherwise better. That recently happened in one of the more miserable places in downtown Provo:

This table and chairs was located in the vicinity of 225 West Center Street, just beside the new convention center.

I don’t know when the table and chairs in the picture above showed up, but they’re a playful and somewhat inviting addition to the noisy vacant lot beside the convention center. If nothing else, they suggest that someone cares about downtown and thinks the current state of this location is unacceptable.

If these chairs are still in downtown the next time you’re around, have a seat and relax.


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