The Student’s Guide Is For Everyone

After years of apparent antagonism between Provo’s student and longer-term populations, the city has seen progress toward better cohesion in the last few years. And that’s a good thing because more educated people is exactly what makes a city like Provo thrive.

The latest example of that cohesion is the new The Student’s Guide to Provo. As its name suggests, the website is geared toward students and while not flashy it includes a wealth of useful information. Topics and links include the Farmer’s Market, Gallery Stroll, and even a basic employment guide. Hopefully this website helps put to rest the notions that Provo “has no farmer’s market” or art scene, both of which I’ve heard students say in the recent past.

But the website isn’t just good for students. For example, the transportation section includes this refreshing and pro-transit passage:

For those of you who don’t know, Provo has a robust (and growing) public transportation network. Between the buses and trains you can get almost anywhere you need to without a car. It just takes some planning to know how to get to where you want to be. The best resource to use to find your way around is the Utah Transit Authority’s website.

That information suggests a broader cultural shift toward making public transit a more integral part of the community. The transportation section also explains those annoying flashing yellow left turn lights, and other sections of the website have similarly useful information.

I’ve written many times about the importance of physical wayfinding, but this website is doing something similar in a digital space. It’s conveying both information about how to navigate the city, as well as a general attitude or thesis for the physical space. That’s useful to everyone, and a welcomed change from the past.


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