The Low Down on the Frontrunner

When Frontrunner commuter rail arrives in Utah County in December, it’ll cost $5.65 to ride from downtown Provo to central Salt Lake City. The price is based on an intial $2.35 fee, followed by $0.55 for each subsequent station. If you come back within two hours, the return trip merely costs another $0.55 per station. After two hours, however, you’d have to buy a new ticket.

So how did I learn this information?

As it turns out, it was through the Utah Transit Authority’s Twitter feed. Thursday afternoon UTA had a Twitter Q&A session, during which they answered just about every question anyone asked.

It was quite remarkable and UTA deserves major kudos for its efforts, which in my experience seem to be ongoing and extremely proactive. I’d highly recommend following @RideUTA.

I also learned Thursday that it will take approximately 56 minutes to travel from downtown Provo to Salt Lake City on Frontrunner. When I asked about how often trains will depart and return, I was given this link to the Ogden service and told the schedule would be “similar to the current time table.”

If that’s correct, it means trains will likely leave Provo once or twice every hour from just after 4 am until just after 11 pm. Returning trains will likely follow a similar schedule, with the last train pulling into downtown just after midnight. That’s relatively good news; though it probably rules out using Frontrunner for something like Sundance — where leaving by 11:15 pm would be difficult — it’s definitely doable for day trips and even early evening outings. For example, it’d be perfect for getting to the Twilight Concert Series.

And in case you haven’t heard, the Frontrunner train is scheduled to begin running through Utah County in early December.



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7 responses to “The Low Down on the Frontrunner

  1. Thanks for following along yesterday and for your recap!

  2. Jasony Kanoli

    The main problem I forsee is that I work a night shift in Salt Lake. I could easily take the train up to Salt Lake and back, as I live a few blocks away from the Provo station.
    However, they will tow your car if you try and park overnight in the lot at the station. This seems counter-intuitive, and will likely result in my not being able to take the FrontRunner

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