City Hall Gardens on NPR

Yesterday, NPR featured Provo’s city hall gardens:

The planners were inspired by the guerrilla gardening concept — planting vegetables in underused public spaces — and also wanted to show that you don’t need a lot of space to grow your own food.

They donate the produce, including potatoes, carrots and squash, to the local food bank.

When it comes to urban vegetable gardens, Provo is clearly a leader and it’s great that a media outlet as large as NPR has picked up on that. It’s also worth noting that urban gardening isn’t just happening at the city hall. It’s also happening near the historic courthouse.

In light of the recent news that Provo has also passed a new water-saving ordinance, it’s clear that Provo is increasingly invested in intelligent environmental stewardship. And that’s something everyone in the city should be proud of.


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5 responses to “City Hall Gardens on NPR

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  4. I know of another urban community garden located at a Provo Housing Authority apartment complex at 700 North 100 East.

  5. Nathan Murray (works at Provo EcDev) has also has been doing some guerrilla gardening at about 250 South 100 East.

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