Walking to Work

Via @provo_ecdev, I learned yesterday that in 2009 Provo was the 13th best city in the U.S. for walking to work. According to US News and World Report’s Money section, 13 percent of the population was walking to work at that time. Provo was joined on the list of “Top 15 Cities for Commuters” by Portland, Madison, Ann Arbor, Boulder and Cambridge, among other places.

The accompanying article adds that ditching the car in favor of other transportation modes can be a way to multitask.

The lifestyle might also be especially appealing in a recession. “In difficult times, people really re-evaluate what they do with their time. You can’t be productive when you’re just sitting in your car,” Lashinsky says. For example, biking to work is a way to be active while commuting.

Given improvements to public transit and the gradual revitalization of downtown, it’d be reasonable to assume that just as many people — and possibly more — are walking to work today.


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