What’s Going On

There are a lot of things happening this weekend in Provo and I’d feel negligent if I didn’t mention a few of them. The mayor had a great post about the Gallery Stroll, Dance Walk and Rooftop Concert, which all generally begin around 6 and go until 9 or 10, or later. Check those links for more info.

This awesome poster is courtesy of Scene Sister.

You can read a guide to this month’s Rooftop Concert here.

It’s also worth noting that the BYU Museum of Art is participating in this month’s Gallery Stroll. Though it’s a bit long to “stroll” from the MOA to downtown, it’s definitely doable if you start early in the evening. It’s even more feasible if you ride a bike. It’s impossible to do via car. (Alright it’s not, but why drive when you can walk?)

Following all of these early evening events, Muse Music will also host a re-opening party. The event will be noteworthy because it marks the return of the cafe and food service.


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