Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

After spending an entire post yesterday complaining about critiquing the cool-but-poorly installed new Joaquin neighborhood sign, Cade Ekblad-Frank alerted me to another new neighborhood sign in the Maeser neighborhood.

This sign for the Maeser neighborhood is located near 200 East and Center Street.

Via Twitter, Cade pointed out that the placement of this sign also is a bit bizarre because 100 South seems to have higher traffic volume than 200 East. I typically only walk in the Maeser neighborhood so I’m not one to say, but if true that would certainly raise questions about the sign’s placement.

That said, this sign succeeds in many basic ways that the Joaquin sign does not. Most obviously, it’s actually visible and not hidden in a tree canopy. It’s also facing the correct direction; the picture above was taken facing south, into Maeser, so unlike the Joaquin sign this one is actually aimed at people arriving in the neighborhood. Overall, then, this is a significant improvement over the sign in yesterday’s post.

This sign reads “Makers of our own destiny.” Someone else evidently makes destinies for residents of the Joaquin neighborhood because that sign lacks a slogan. Perhaps the Maeser neighborhood produces surplus destinies and exports them?

Speaking of signs, while I was out taking the picture above I also saw the new city banners hanging along center street. I don’t know when they went up, but I believe it was recently. As is the case with the neighborhood signs, these banners prominently feature the recently-completed city rebranding.

A new Provo banner, feature the city’s new branding, in front of Los Hermanos.

The new city banners also come in white.



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7 responses to “Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

  1. Philip

    North Park neighborhood got a sign too. NE corner of 800 N and 500 W.

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  3. Betsy

    The neighborhood slogan is adapted from a quote by Karl G. Maeser. It is discussed here:

    I ❤ Maeser.

    • Yeah, I’ve been kind of teasing about that slogan in the captions for several pictures, but it’s just because I wish my neighborhood had one. And Maeser is great, as is the slogan.

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