Another Historic Neighborhood Sign

While riding home yesterday evening I passed one more new neighborhood sign. This one marks the entrance to the North Park neighborhood. Like the Maeser sign — but unlike the one in Joaquin — the North Park sign is placed on the proper side of the street and is visible. So that’s great.

This sign is located on the northwest corner of 500 West and 800 North.

Based on this sign, it’s unclear if North Park residents are makers of their own destinies or if they have outsourced destiny production, possibly to the Maeser neighborhood and it’s growing destiny sector.

All said, I like these signs. I’ve read articles arguing for and against the utility of this sort of city element, but as I think about my own experience these signs give me a greater sense of pride. I know that I live in a specific neighborhood with a long and rich past, and when residents are proud of and excited about their city other good things usually follow.


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One response to “Another Historic Neighborhood Sign

  1. acpeters24

    When I saw this one I wondered if North Park really qualifies as “historic Provo”.

    There’s another one in Franklin I think at 900 W and Center, or somewhere nearby.

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