Making Schools Approachable

Via Infrastructure USA, I recently discovered the video below that examines at infrastructure around schools. It looks at a single street in Powell, Wyoming and points out many of the problems with the area. The video concludes by mentioning that despite the area being a drug-free zone, only someone on drugs would want to go to school there. Amen to that.

Many streets in Provo generally suffer from similar problems, though after watching the video I was thankful that most schools in the city are doing a vastly better job than the one depicted. They’re more walkable, have better surrounding streets, and generally look less like penitentiaries. Still, the lessons about good infrastructure are important for any city.

The video also seems especially apropos because this is officially Bike to School Week in Provo. The point, I think, is that while it’s important to simply encourage people to bike, it’s at least as important to also have bike- and pedestrian-oriented infrastructure in place. A school surrounded by wide streets and lacking sidewalks and bike lanes is logically going to prompt more driving and less walking or biking.


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