The End of Commercial Flights at the Provo Airport

My colleague Genelle Pugmire broke the news today that Frontier is cancelling its flight service to and from the Provo Airport:

Frontier Airlines announced today that it will be discontinuing commercial service to and from Provo at the beginning of 2013 due to a reduction in its fleet. While it is hoping the service shutdown will be temporary, bankruptcy reorganization and other issues with the airline may prevent a return of commercial flights to the area.

According to Provo Mayor John Curtis, Frontier told him Provo’s success was not at issue and in fact had beat expectations and brought in flight revenues of nearly $1 million when counting the purchase of second leg trips out of Denver.

The article cites Mayor Curtis as saying it was a last minute decision and that Provo had even been preparing to expand its terminal. City leaders also reportedly are in talks with other airlines to add another flight, possibly to the West Coast.

Mayor Curtis has also blogged about the end of commercial service at the airport.

As Genelle’s article indicates, the loss of the flight is a blow for the community. It was also a recurring subject on this blog, with past posts on its surprising bikeability, its role in the city’s economic future, and a variety of other topics. On a more personal note, I enjoyed flying in and out of the Provo airport. It was even one of the many exciting things that happened last year that inspired me to start this blog.

Like I’m sure many other people, I hope this doesn’t reflect on Provo’s financial strength. Genelle’s article goes a long way to debunk that idea. But all other reasons for cutting the service aside, it’s hard not to see local economic factors in this development; even if flights from the Provo airport exceeded expectations, the airline apparently was still going to be more profitable without running them. And that’s really the bad news.


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  1. Terrible news! I was hoping my flight to NYC next month would be the first of many–especially since the round trip only came out to $234.

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